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Maturation period: 21 September to 31 DecemberProperties: Its appearance resembles Tuber uncinatum and matures at the same time. The truffles are small, 2 to 5 cm with a cavity at the bottom. The most characteristic feature is its pervasive odor of phenol or tar. This taste lasts even after cooking. Although bitter in taste, this truffle is grea...
Maturation period: 21 September to 31 DecemberProperties: On the outside it has a reddish-brown structure, sometimes with rusty spots, its surface is smooth and has small warts. The taste and aroma are very similar to the white truffle (Tuber Magnum Pico).This type of truffle grows in symbiosis with linden, oak, poplar and hazel, etc. The size v...
Maturation period: 20 August to 15 NovemberCharacteristics: Honey truffles are a kind of underground, truffle-like fungus found mainly under common robinia trees in Eastern Europe. They have a nice, mild mushroom scent, which is very sweet - similar to honey and with a little bit of licorice flavor. They are therefore perfect for desserts. Our h...

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