About Magnatum

Who we are

At Magnatum, named after the rarest and most esteemed truffle, we pride ourselves on being a premier brand specialising in the supply of fresh truffles, truffle-derived products, and caviar.

Inspired by its founders' vision to bring the world's rarest and most exquisite culinary delights to your table, our company was born in the heart of Copenhagen. In short, we've risen to be among Denmark's most esteemed and reliable truffle and caviar wholesalers.

With a genuine commitment to premium quality, Magnatum has grown from humble beginnings to exclusively selling fresh truffles and fine caviar. Over the years, our valued customers have rewarded us with a commitment to quality and timeliness with their loyalty, allowing us to expand our range of delicacies and serve an ever-growing base. The Magnatum brand is now equally recognised in premium caviar and truffles.

At Magnatum, we know that our customers expect only the finest. That's why all products are premium quality and EU-certified, meeting and surpassing our customers' most discerning expectations.


What we do

With our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, we're well-positioned to serve the local markets of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Our second major office in Dublin, Ireland, allows us to reach customers in Ireland, the UK, and beyond.

With more than six years of existence and experience, we understand the challenges of getting the highest-quality caviar or truffle to our customers in pristine condition. Our tightly organised operations ensure that our customers have easy access to one of the rarest, most prized culinary ingredients.


Our Approach

Our unique approach to nurturing and marketing our products makes us stand out as a well-established brand. At Magnatum, we understand that there are different varieties of caviar and truffle in the market. However, we aren't moved, and this is because we know what our customers want, and our caviar and truffle are up to meet their demands.

At Magnatum, we are acutely aware of the delicate nature of truffles and caviar. With their vulnerability to damage during sourcing and transportation, Truffles are treated with utmost care in our processes. Our caviar is a testament to tradition; processed using time-honoured methods, it preserves its delicate flavour and texture. Aware of caviar's perishable nature, we ensure it's handled precisely, utilising specialised containers for packaging and dedicated transportation for pristine delivery.

Every product we offer, be it truffle or caviar, undergoes a rigorous inspection by our connoisseurs. From cleaning and sorting truffles to tasting caviar, we ensure they meet the impeccable Magnatum standard before they're dispatched to our discerning clientele across the globe.


What makes our Caviar Unique

Our caviar stands out as a testament to sustainability and authenticity in a world where many cut corners. While many rely on artificial tanks for a ceaseless harvest, we choose a different path. We exclusively source our caviar from farms that embrace nature, allowing the fish to flourish in natural water basins caressed by the pure streams of mountain water. This sanctuary mirrors its natural habitat. This harmonious method begets caviar's exceptional taste and texture and exudes a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Every pearl of our caviar resonates with the luxury of the finest Caspian varieties, underpinned by our unwavering devotion to nature and sustainable practices.