Ever since it embraced the spotlights, Truffles has elevated the flavor of simple dishes in ways unimaginable. Is it the oil or the truffle itself? Whichever option you prefer, this delicacy has that “wowing” effect, thanks to its powerful taste and flavor-enhancing properties.

While truffles remain one of the most-sort after culinary ingredients, finding the best of it has never been easy. And that is where we come in.



We are Magnatum, a well-established brand specializing in selling “Fresh” truffles, truffle products, and caviar. Ever since our inception in 2017, we have become one of the best and most trusted truffles and caviar retailers in Denmark, and this is because we provide our esteemed customers with nothing short of the best and luxuriating products.

Magnatum serves the people in Denmark (where we are well established), and we ship across Ireland. Of course, like other establishments, we didn't start in the most epic or glamorous way. At first, we offered only our fresh truffles. And as we rose the ladder of success, we expanded our reach. We took up the sales of luxury truffle products and, later on, the sales of luxury caviar.

As our operations were expanding, so was our amazing customer base and the need to offer optimum service. All Magnatum’s products are of premium quality, and EU (European Union) certified, which indicates our sheer commitment to offering our customers the best.



Put simply, we are a major retailer of truffles, truffle products, and caviar. With a primary base in Demark, we ship to Ireland and hope to expand our operations to other countries.

As a brand with over 4 years of existence and experience, we understand the difficulties of getting the highest-quality caviar or truffle. Thus, we aim to ensure that you have easy access to one of the most prized culinary ingredients. 

Our truffles and caviar—which are of premium quality—can add a distinct flavor to any dish.  They can enhance a fine-dining experience or add a chic touch of refinement to even the simplest of foods.

Do you have truffles but lack the right products to prepare them to your taste? We've got you covered. Our luxury truffle products include:

  • Olive wood truffle planer
  • Truffle stainless steel planer
  • Truffle brush
  • Truffle set
  • And much more,


You should pair our amazing luxury truffles atop hearty pasta like macaroni and cheese or tagliatelle and enjoy its mouth-watering taste: the perfect delight for your taste buds!


Our Approach

What makes us stand out as a well-established brand is a unique approach we adopt in nurturing and marketing our products. At Magnatum, we understand that there are different varieties of caviar and truffle in the market. However, we aren’t moved, and this is because we know what our customers want, and our caviar and truffle are created to meet their demands.

What makes our Caviar Unique

What makes our caviar different from the rest is the way we cultivate the caviar-producing fishes. Unlike the typical cultivation method, which involves storing the fishes in artificial tanks to harvest the caviar all year round, our method involves cultivating the fishes in a natural water basin with a constant supply of fresh mountain water: an ideal natural habitat for the fishes. However, such a cultivation method makes it impossible to harvest caviar during summer.

Nevertheless, during the rest of the year, the quality of caviar produced is rich in taste, texture, and premium quality, only matched by the high-end Caspian caviar originating from Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan.

Our Caviar and Truffles the best treat for your taste buds

Because caviar and truffles are priced delicacies, we often ensure that our customers get what they deserve; the best!


Our Customers/ Clients

We really don’t have specific customers. Our customers are simply every individual who has a thing for tasty delicacies and every restaurant that has a penchant for wowing their customers with the best of caviar and truffles.