Tuber Magnatum Pico - Alba

Truffles are a luxurious delicacy, akin to subterranean jewels, nestled among the roots of trees. Esteemed in the world of gourmet cuisine, they are harvested from the rich soils of Italy, France, and Spain's verdant landscapes. Among these, the White Magnatum Pico-Alba truffle stands out as the crown jewel. Their unique taste, fragrance, and limited availability make Tuber Magnatum one of the most expensive delicacies on the market, bringing them the name "vegetable gold".
The White Alba truffle has a velvety exterior and shades ranging from soft cream to a gentle ochre. Inside, it reveals a marbled palette of ivory and brown, a visual prelude to its rich aroma—a signature scent that is the hallmark of gastronomic opulence.
It is found in harmonious coexistence with the noble linden and oak trees.  
Maturation period: 21 September to 31 January
Storage time: 7-10 days
Storage: +2 and + 5ºC