Magnatum Ireland

CUORI Collection - Peranzana - 500 ml


Very interesting oil in its nuances of aroma, with vegetal expressions of medium intensity - among which the artichoke stands out - and a rich structure, exuberant in the endowment of polyphenols and almost explosive in spiciness. Excellent persistence of taste on the palate.

CATEGORY - Intense fruity
INGREDIENTS / VARIETY - 100% Peranzana

Energy 824 kcal/3446 kJ - Total fats 91,6g of which satured 13g - Carbohydrates 0 g of which sugars 0 g - Proteins 0 g - Salt 0 g

NET CONTENT - 500 ml
Origin of olives - Gioia del Colle and province of Bari (Puglia, Italy)
Place of production and bottling - Gioia del Colle (Puglia, Italy)
Storage - store in a dry place, away from light and heat
Production method - Cold extraction. Continuous cycle system.
Harvest time - November, according to the right ripeness stage of the olives (still green)
Fragrance - herbaceous
Flavour - Robust and peppery
Colour - Pale green soon after the production