Oscietra Classic Caviar

Oscietra Classic Caviar

Type of Fish: Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)

Color of the Caviar: Glossy golden

Savor the refined flavor of Oscietra Classic Caviar, where each glossy golden bead is perfectly round and medium-sized, offering a smooth and buttery texture. The rich, nutty flavor, reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts and sweet cream, makes this caviar a standout choice for gourmet enthusiasts. Sustainably sourced from a pristine mountain lake in Bulgaria, our Oscietra Classic Caviar is carefully harvested to ensure the highest quality.

Serve this exquisite caviar on blinis or toast points with a glass of champagne to fully appreciate its velvety, silky, and creamy texture. This caviar's unparalleled quality makes it an ideal choice for special occasions and sophisticated palates.

Nutrition Value (per 100 g):

- Energy: 444 Kj
- Fats: 5.7 g
- Saturated Fatty Acids: 1.3 g
- Carbohydrates: 0.80 g
- Sugars: 0.00 g
- Fiber: 0.00 g
- Protein: 12.90 g
- Salt: 3.00 g

How to use it:

1. Oscietra Classic Caviar on Blinis:
- Ingredients:
- Blinis (small Russian pancakes)
- Crème fraîche
- Oscietra Classic Caviar
- Fresh chives (optional)
- Instructions:
1. Warm the blinis slightly in a pan or oven.
2. Add a dollop of crème fraîche on each blini.
3. Top with a spoonful of Oscietra Classic Caviar.
4. Garnish with fresh chives if desired.
5. Serve immediately as an elegant appetizer.

2. Oscietra Classic Caviar on Toast Points:
- Ingredients:
- Thinly sliced toasted bread or toast points
- Unsalted butter or crème fraîche
- Oscietra Classic Caviar
- Lemon zest
- Fresh dill (optional)
- Instructions:
1. Spread a thin layer of unsalted butter or crème fraîche on each toast point.
2. Top with a generous spoonful of Oscietra Classic Caviar.
3. Garnish with a touch of lemon zest and fresh dill if desired.
4. Serve immediately as a sophisticated hors d'oeuvre.