What is Caviar and How to Serve it

What is Caviar and How to Serve it

Sep 01, 2021

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What is caviar?

The real caviar is the one which is obtained from sturgeon / sturgeon /. If it is obtained from other species such as salmon, cod or lumpfish, it is not a real caviar and therefore the word caviar should be preceded by the name of fish.
The sturgeon from which the caviar comes is one of the oldest living species of bony fish. Hundreds of millions of years of fossils show that the genus has evolved minimally over the centuries. It belongs to the family Acipenseridae, which are 27 species of sturgeon. Of these 27, caviar is produced from approx. 10 species - including several hybrids of different sturgeons. Sturgeon is correctly described as a freshwater fish, but most species are actually migratory fishes. They live in salt water, but spawn in fresh water.

How to Serve Caviar Properly

Caviar should never be served on steel or stainless steel plates or forks, as this can change the taste of the caviar and make it bitter or metallic.

Some of the most suitable drinks served with caviar are - Vodka, Champagne  or Dessert Wines.

 caviar with champaign

One of the best ways to consume caviar is on its own. Traditionally, the caviar is taken with a mother-of-pearl or wooden spoon. 

caviar on a pearl spoon

Another option for caviar consumption is by placing it on small traditional Russian pancakes called blini, which can be found in larger stores or prepared at home. 

caviar on blinis

Caviar should be eaten raw and without added flavors. Serve it chilled, directly on a plate with ice to keep the temperature low, not at room temperature or frozen. Also, caviar is an appetizer. Do not serve it with main dishes. The caviar is stored from -2 to +2 and can be stored for up to 1 week-10 days after opening.

caviar on ice


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