Blue & White

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This gift pack contains two high-quality olive oils from Puglia, Italy.  

Gravistelli (White) is obtained from the local varieties “Coratina” and “Cima di Melfi”, solely from organic certified cultivations. Especially characterized by a high content of antioxidants and a charming aroma, it is uncommonly tasty, with a fresh flavor of just pressed olives, grass and artichoke. Just right bitter and pungent, its aroma persists, but leaves the palate clean.Gravistelli confers such a rich and authentic flavor to every kind of dish, that it can be used raw as the main dressing on foods with strong flavour. Excellent on cooked vegetables and legumes.

Olio di Puglia (Blue) olive oil reflects all the rigid parameters of the Production Regulations required for the  Protected Geographical Indication oil in terms of organoleptic characteristics and laboratory values. It is characterized by a green fruitiness and a pleasantly permeated taste of artichoke, apple and grass, with hints of pepper.