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CUORI Collection - Cima di Melfi - 500 ml


Cima di Melfi - One-single variety Extra Virgin olive oil

Cima di Melfi is an especially rare olive variety: it grows in the area of Gioia del Colle and in the area of Melfi, Basilicata, from where it takes its name. Its extraordinary qualities are still little-known and producers are especially proud of such a sophisticated and rare oil. Its elegant and broad bouquet pairs with many different flavor nuances: unexpected apple and mint touch, great bitterness that almost covers the spiciness typical of this oil, while a unique artichoke note completes the product profile. It is a special oil, mainly used to dress strongly flavored dishes or as main dressing on rice salad.

CATEGORY - Medium fruitiness
INGREDIENTS / VARIETY - 100% Cima di Melfi

Energy 824 kcal/3446 kJ - Total fats 91,6g of which satured 13g - Carbohydrates 0 g of which sugars 0 g - Proteins 0 g - Salt 0 g

NET CONTENT - 500 ml
Origin of olives - Gioia del Colle and province of Bari (Puglia, Italy)
Place of production and bottling - Gioia del Colle (Puglia, Italy)
Storage - store in a dry place, away from light and heat
Production method - Cold extraction. Continuous cycle system.
Harvest time - October, according to the right ripeness stage of the olives (still green)
Fragrance - fresh olive
Flavour -  bitter almond
Colour - Greenish soon after the production