Beluga Sturgeon Caviar


Beluga Sturgeon Caviar

Type of Fish: Beluga Sturgeon

Color of the Caviar: Light gray to dark gray, with some variations showing a slightly blue or golden hue

Beluga Sturgeon Caviar, sourced from the esteemed Iranian Beluga sturgeon, is the epitome of luxury and sophistication in the world of gourmet delicacies. This caviar features the largest eggs among all sturgeon caviars, with beads measuring over 3 millimeters in diameter, contributing to its distinctive and opulent feel. The color of Beluga caviar ranges from light gray to dark gray, with occasional hues of blue or gold, adding to its visual appeal.

Renowned for its delicate, rich, and buttery flavor, Beluga caviar offers a creamy texture that melts in the mouth. Each bite reveals a refined and subtle nutty aftertaste, free from any strong fishy flavor, making it a preferred choice among connoisseurs. The sophisticated and mild aroma, reminiscent of the ocean yet not overpowering, speaks to the high quality and freshness of the caviar. This fresh and clean scent enhances the overall sensory experience, ensuring an unparalleled indulgence.

Nutrition Value (per 100 g):

- Energy: 444 Kj
- Fats: 5.7 g
- Saturated Fatty Acids: 1.3 g
- Carbohydrates: 0.80 g
- Sugars: 0.00 g
- Fiber: 0.00 g
- Protein: 12.90 g
- Salt: 3.00 g

How to use it:

1. Beluga Caviar on Toast Points:
- Ingredients:
- Thinly sliced toasted bread or toast points
- Unsalted butter or crème fraîche
- Beluga Sturgeon Caviar
- Fresh lemon wedges
- Instructions:
1. Spread a thin layer of unsalted butter or crème fraîche on each toast point.
2. Top with a generous spoonful of Beluga Sturgeon Caviar.
3. Serve with fresh lemon wedges for a touch of acidity that complements the caviar's richness.

2. Beluga Caviar with Deviled Eggs:
- Ingredients:
- Hard-boiled eggs
- Mayonnaise
- Dijon mustard
- Paprika
- Beluga Sturgeon Caviar
- Fresh chives (optional)
- Instructions:
1. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half and remove the yolks.
2. Mash the yolks with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard to taste.
3. Spoon or pipe the yolk mixture back into the egg whites.
4. Top each deviled egg with a small spoonful of Beluga Sturgeon Caviar.
5. Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika and fresh chives, if desired.
6. Serve immediately as a luxurious and elegant appetizer.